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our company today

For more than forty years our company is interpreter and transforms the Vicenza Stone in artworks appreciated all over the world on which our authentic passion is enriched by the highest professional standards. Our craft roots back to antiquity. It requires a lots of patience, utmost experience and constant application.

From the selection of the material to the cutting, from the processing to the packaging, all is realized in our laboratory in Monteviale, Vicenza, maintaining the skilled craftsmanship and high quality levels which characterize the products made in Italy all over the world.

Even though some phases of the processing are today supported by technologically advanced machinery, the skilful hand of the artisan remains irreplaceable, for only with his able mastery it is possible to let the raw material assume shape and expression.

This way every manufacture becomes a unique product, an expression of the creativity and ability of every single artisan.

This perfect equilibrium between artisan manufacture and high technology guarantees an elevated quality of the produced goods and makes us able to fulfil the most varied requests, may the be referring to classical or modern style.

The wide range of items we produce includes sculptures and ornamentals for interior design and gardens as well as architectural elements and cut to size items, assigned to embellish the most prestigious environment  in Italy and everywhere.


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