The stone we mainly work is the Vicenza Stone, which includes white, yellow and grey variants, according to the different layers of the calcareous rock it is taken out from.

It is quarried in the Colli Berici area and encloses fossils bearing witness of the remote geological origins of this precious material as well as representing an enrichment in its natural beauty.

The Vicenza Stone has always been the prominent protagonist of sculpture and architecture, it is well known all over the world for having been used in the projects of Andrea Palladio and other famous architects. Thanks to its versatility, today the Vicenza Stone is also used in building and interior furnishing. It is always up-to-date, suitable for every kind of application and lends itself to new ideas of architects and designers.

On request, the stone can be patinated to create a more or less antique complexion, in order to recreate the much-prized atmosphere of a time gone by.

Ivory white stone

Golden yellow stone

Silver gray stone


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