From our founder Renato Celsan to new generations. Family creativity.

Our history

Our company was born of the artistic passion of sculptor Renato Celsan in 1959.

Since a very young age, Renato Celsan had cultivated an interest in sculpture, a passion he shared with his father, who took him to admire works of art carved in stone. As he contemplated these masterpieces created by ancient masters, he was fascinated with the craft and realised that it was his future. He worked for a major workshop in the Veneto, learning the art of sculpture from master craftsmen. One of these was Nereo Quagliato, one of the finest artists in Vicenza, with whom he worked on several occasions.

Today, Renato Celsan still puts his heart in his work: he is eager to share his knowledge and experience, passing on the secular tradition of master stonemasons that always has carved his life.

He looks to the future with his daughter Anna and her husband Robert, to whom he has transmitted his love and passion, demonstrating foresight, and ready to discover new aspects of his art from sculptures to architectural elements. Over the years, the company has embraced all types of stone working and design, boasting projects from interior design to architectural elements to outdoor creations.

Today, the Celsan Renato firm boasts 60 years of history. 60 years of hard work. 60 years of commitment. 60 years of determination. Every creation is conceived, designed and built, giving new life to the stone with every stroke of the chisel. Highly qualified professionalsprecious materialsprecision and creativity that cannot be stopped. Tools that give life to a spark of passion that never dies. Ours!




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