Artisan Value


It happens that, after the first moments of surprise to this creative “invasion” , the professionals begin to deal with the artisans on projects, experiences and techniques.
This is exactly what has happened in Monteviale (VI), where Celsan Renato S.r.l. hosted in December a group of designers led by Martino Gamper. Here, after touring the craft areas of Vicenza, they found the “know how” as the result of a long experience in the processing of Vicenza stone and … “Artisan Value”: this is the name of the project commissioned by Confartigianato and CNA Vicenza in collaboration with Venice International University and Fuori Biennale, which Celsan Renato S.r.l. joins together with other artisan shops in Vicenza.


After the first meeting in December, in recent months the laboratory has continued to be a source of ideas, which are gradually improving thanks to the encounter between the artisans and AUT collective (Luca Coppola, Federico Bovara, Riccardo Berrone e Chiara Onida), Will Shannon and Harry Thaler.
Soon their drawings and sketches will become prototypes, showed during the event “From-To”, organized as part of Fuori Salone Milan Design Week 2014 from the 8th  to the 9th of April (Palazzo Visconti Via Lanzone , 2 – Milan).

A prestigious showcase but also a starting point to continue to renew skills, combining the freshness of ideas with knowledge of materials, passion and attention to details that characterize Celsan Renato Srl in the processing of Vicenza stone since 1959.