Garden statues: from Venetian villas to contemporary landscapes

Mythological and allegorical figures, musicians and animals, masks and Olympian gods are still living in the gardens of Venetian villas, as guardians of a civilization that does not remain within the four walls but is entrusted to a vast repertoire of sculptures.

In fact, sculpture garden is an extraordinary legacy of past centuries; it has grown thanks to the tradition of master craftsmen who did not have to go far away to recover the material: they found it in the limestone quarries located in the surrouding Berici hills. Between the pages of the book “Sculpture in the gardens of Veneto villas. The Vicenza area”, recently published in Italy, you can discover this unique heritage, which was not just ornamental but rather an evidence of beauty and the Venetian civilization.

In our artisan workshop, Celsan Renato srl, we feel heirs of this tradition, the same that makes us curious interpreters of Vicenza stone. In Monteviale (Vicenza, Italy), we hand-carve statues and sculptures of any measure to decorate parks, villas and gardens.

Inspired by the creation of a timeless atmosphere, we reproduce classical statues and we carve benchestablesfountainswellsvasesplanters, in Renaissance, Baroque or neoclassical style.
We also work with architects, garden and landscape designers to carry out any kind of custom projects, looking for a contemporary relationship between architecture and the surrouding landscape; and, as in the past centuries, we have found it in the Vicenza stone.
Source: “Scultura nei giardini delle ville venete. Il territorio vicentino” author: De Vincenti Monica, publisher: Marsilio Editori