Natural stone coating of internal walls and buildings facades

The natural stone coating of internal walls and facades of buildings is one of the thousand uses of natural stones. Vicenza stone stands out for its ductility and color.

Coating technique is a low invasive solution to upgrade an interior space or a building facade. The use of natural stone recreates absolutely unique spaces, characterized by intense shades of light.

The request was to revive a tavern, characterized by a wooden beamed ceiling and the presence of a nice fireplace. The need was to make the environment less impersonal, recreating a rustic and enveloping atmosphere, able to trasmit a sense of conviviality, just like the old taverns of the Venetian country tradition.

The natural stone coating requires careful study of the spaces and a special attention to detail. Corners and jambs are very delicate points, from these details depends on the quality of the intervention.

The style you want to give depends on the shape of the stones. In this case an irregular cut was chosen, that emphasized the fullness of the stone with its natural roughness. In this context the finishing of the joints enhances the shapes of the individual stones and creates a further “three-dimensional” effect.

Even the fireplace corner has been re-designed to be integrated naturally into the context. Natural stone coating, intervalled by the horizontal elements of the fireplace, enhances the depth without oversizing the volume of the room.

The result is a riot of brightness. Room emanates a feeling of freshness and the combination of stone and wood recalls the echo of the rural style made of simplicity and conviviality.