The statue of the rat of Proserpina. Creation of a stone work

Today we bring you to the heart of our workshop to introduce you to some phases of the process of making a stone statue. In particular we will see the birth of a reproduction of the famous statue of the rape of Proserpina by Bernini.

The rape of Proserpine is perhaps one of the most famous of the Roman myths that have come down to us. Proserpina, daughter of Cerere – the divinity of the earth and fertility – was kidnapped by Pluto while collecting flowers on the shores of Lake Pergusa in Enna (Sicily). He then became the bride and queen of the underworld.

The myth inspired many artists of various ages. One of the most famous representations is certainly that made by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The work, commissioned by Scipione Borghese and executed between 1621 and 1622, is now on display at the Galleria Borghese in Rome.

The intent of Bernini is to block the action at the peak of its development, to make the character and drama that they live through the body’s expressiveness.

The composition of the group follows the dynamic directions underlined by the movements of the limbs and heads, accentuated by that of the hair and drape that discovers the juvenile and sensual body of the Nymph on whose face turned backwards a tear is visible. (quote:

The “historical-artistic” study of the work is the starting point for every sincere artisanal reproduction. Being able to reconstruct the intent of a great artist and try, with his own sensitivity, to transmit it to the reproduction that is to be performed. The photos of the statue of the rat of Proserpina, taken from every angle and all the information material possible are studied in detail. Only after this phase of study can you start working on the stone block.

In this short clip you can see the various stages of processing.


The end result is this reproduction of the statue of the rat of Proserpina, ready to be delivered to our client.