Vicenza stone in Architecture

As old as Architecture, stone make dwelling places precious

For thousands of years the wealth of subsoil has made Colli Berici an important center for the Vicenza stone processing.

Used since the time of the Romans and magnified by Andrea Palladio in his timeless works, the stone of Vicenza combines strength and beauty, history and modernity, embellishing the places where we live.

Today the stone of Vicenza is still used in Architecture, in accordance with a centuries-old tradition, proudly Italian, which has been renewing by Celsan Renato srl since 1959.

In the laboratory of Monteviale (Vicenza) we are able to create any ornamental and architectural element. With the help of numerical control machines and qualified staff, stairs, columns, balustradings, window frames, gate piers  and pillars, to name only a few of them, take shape with the utmost precision, both standard and custom profiles.

In all these creations, stone combines the charm of natural colors and fossil sediments with features that make it a suitable material for external and internal.