Vicenza stone, for classic and contemporary design

The features of Vicenza stone make it suitable for any indoor and outdoor space, classic and contemporary.

Photo gallery of one of our most recent work in a private home.Can a room be classic and contemporary at the same time?
The beauty of a natural material holds the answer: Vicenza stone is perfect to shape complex architecture elements and classic ornaments. 

Designers, architects and interior designers appreciate the warm, neutral colours of its surfaces, which are perfect for all rooms in the house, in contrast or in harmony with the furniture. 

Moreover, the Vicenza limestone hardens over the time making it suitable even for external facades of buildings.One of our most recent works, a private home, tells precisely the versatility of Vicenza stone.Supply and installation of an elliptical staircase in white Vicenza stone: the particular shape gives the material an unexpected lightness.


White Vicenza stone cladding with natural split for a country-chic effect.

Fireplace mantle, Louis XV style, in white Vicenza stone with opening surround in grey Vicenza stone, customized in measures and details.

Main façade with elegant curved balustrade in neoclassical style which embraces four Ionic columns, the balustrade is also repeated on the rear as a characteristic architectural element.