Vicenza stone staircase. Elegance and durability

The realization of a Vicenza stone staircase is a distinctive sign. Element that creates movement within the spaces and that, with the use of stone, takes on notes of elegance combined with extraordinary durability.


Designed to be in harmony with the surrounding space, with its sinuous and gentle shapes, it adapts naturally to your spaces ensuring maximum comfort of use and the right amount of space.

Every single step is made with precision, designed to the millimeter and adapted to the specific needs of the customer. A porous or polished surface, with more or less shades of color, everything can be customized and made.

It is almost unbelievable the feeling of lightness that this type of stairs can transmit, a lightness that allows to bring together materials such as glass and wood, with a unique and homogeneous effect of elegance.

Completed with a skirting frame, also in natural stone, our staircase is ready, perfect for everyday use.