It is said that a good craftsman doesn’t need to do a lot of talking, because his works must speak for him.

In our workshop, stone gets crafted, in particular that of Vicenza as well as that of Lecce, and stone has its very own way of communicating.

It speaks to the eye, with its concreteness and solidity.
It speaks to the hand, with its texture and veins.
It speaks to the very spirit, being a representation of time itself.

Over the decades we have mastered the art of shaping Vicenza and Lecce stone, giving life to prestigious creations for interiors and exteriors: sculptures, columns, vases, floors, tables, balustrades, ornaments and much more.

On our website you’ll find just a small part of the stone works that we turn out every day. To give shape to a unique and unrepeatable project, each product – each design – can be customized both in size as well as in details and finishes.

These are some of the stages of our handcrafting stone working process.


The interiors, the coverings and the decorative accessories of the architectural works are what make the environment in which one lives unique and refined.




We proudly remember the original vocation of Vicenza stone, how it was adopted in the gardens of Palladio’s Venetian villas.



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