We proudly remember the original vocation of Vicenza stone, how it was adopted in the gardens of Palladio’s Venetian villas.

This noble ornamental style has made our country famous the world over, inspiring the development of other types of gardens, such as English and French gardens.

Stone enhances these spaces alongside geometrically cut shrubbery and decorative architectural elements, such as fountains, mythological figures, allegorical figures, musicians, animals, Commedia dell’Arte masks and Greek gods.

We work with garden designers to create standard and made-to-measure stone articles for private gardens, parks, mansions, hotels, public places and terraces. We can guide our customers, providing information on the various available materials and advising them on their preservation in outdoor environments. In addition to the design of stone articles, our consultancy service includes a site assessment, and the drafting of a brief to enhance and decorate outdoor spaces.

We are well acquainted with the tradition and style of Italian gardens but have extensive experience with other European styles as well (particularly French and English gardens). We hand carve statues and sculptures of any size, in the Renaissance, Baroque or Neoclassical style. We can produce works from designs provided by architects and designers to adapt garden sculptures to modern tastes.

We have a large warehouse of ready-made pieces that can be used immediately or finished to suit specific sites or customer requirements.


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