Various ornaments

Various ornaments

We create decorative stone ornaments for outdoors: tracery, lamps, masks, heads, bas-reliefs, coats of arms, plaques, stone engravings.
Thanks to the pliability of Vicenza stone and the skill we have acquired over time, our workshop is able to propose and create any type of decoration for both interiors and exteriors: personalized heraldic coats of arms, bas-reliefs, engraved plaques, allegorical masks, lion heads, tracery, pine cones and spherical finials or baskets with fruit and flowers for pillars. For our ornamental works we seek inspiration from artistic traditions but also from more modern and contemporary designs, to satisfy the tastes and requirements of customers.

In addition to the products displayed here, we collaborate with Architects, Interior Designers and Landscape Architects to create any customized project.
The photos shown are just of a small part of the production, any article can be reproduced/adapted to specific requests.

Some of our works

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