Floors and wall coverings

Floors and wall coverings

Each setting has its own story and we tell it through stone. Vicenza stone and Lecce stone, with their flexibility and natural sheen, lend themselves well to the creation of interior floor and wall coverings.

The floor is often the largest and most visible part of our homes, omnipresent in our field of vision. This is why we believe that floors deserve special care and a valuable material: stone.

In our workshop we also produce both classic and modern coverings and decorative elements, working with both Vicenza and Lecce stone. Using stone for cladding means that all spaces become enhanced and that rich decorative elements visually amaze the observer.

In addition to the products displayed here, we collaborate with Architects, Interior Designers and Landscape Architects to create any customized project.
The photos shown are just of a small part of the production, any article can be reproduced/adapted to specific requests.

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