When stone becomes light

Lamps made with the Vicenza stone to illuminate and decorate interiors and exteriors

Once there was a block of stone, now it is a true design object. A lamp can be born in that way, by the skilled craftsmen who work the Vicenza stone for more than 50 years.

In our company new ideas of designers and architects take shapes that adapt themselves to current uses, becoming tinged with white, yellow and gray, the same colors of the Vicenza stone.Not only statues, fountains and fireplaces: even lamps can become a sculptural and functional object at the same time, enhanced by a material with an extraordinary versatility, as evidenced by the great tradition of the Vicenza stone in the world of architecture.

Fretworked spheres that evenly distributes the light, classical-style lanterns or cylindrical wall lamps that illuminate interiors and exteriors with a soft and elegant atmosphere: unique items to decorate with the Vicenza stone.