how we work

Between stone craftsmanship
of Vicenza and technology

Tradition. Technique. Energy. Passion.

In our Monteviale workshop you can find all this.

Because for us it is not just a job, but pure passion.

Our craftsmen work Vicenza stone by reconciling the dictates of tradition with the advantages offered by technology. Stone working techniques have evolved over the years. That is why today we rely on new tools to give the artifacts greater precision and accuracy, while never neglecting the contribution of the artisan artist, who is indispensable to give personality to the work, whether architectural or sculptural, enriching it with finishes, details and particulars.

– Consulting and planning

– Selection of raw material

– Processing and finishing

– Custom machining

– Packaging and shipping.

Throughout the entire work process, we take care to follow each stage of the work-in-progress with dedication and attention, to produce a finished product just as you imagined it.

We put our creativity, imagination and experience at your disposal to enhance your ideas, materializing them into something unique.

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