Vicenza stone

From the heart of the Berici Hills,
the Stone of our Territory

The Vicenza Stone

Vicenza stone is our stone, the one we mainly work with, the stone of our territory and tradition. A natural product in its own right, Vicenza stone is quarried in the Berici Hills not far from the city, where it originated from the sedimentation of a coral reef present millions of years ago in this area.

Even today, among slight shades of color, fossils and marine sediments can be seen: they are what tell the story of our territory and an entirely natural process of formation, which gives uniqueness to the stone. Vicenza’s is also called soft stone because of its easy workability, a characteristic valued since the Renaissance and then established over the centuries as a building element par excellence.

Its admirers include architect Andrea Palladio, who knew how to enhance it in his most famous architectural masterpieces; among them: Villa Almerico Capra Valmarana known as “La Rotonda,” the Basilica, the Olympic Theater… just to name a few.

Experience and passion have over the years made us connoisseurs of the characteristics of each stone: attentive to customers’ needs, we can also recommend various types of marble to achieve the most excellent craftsmanship.

White Vicenza limestone

Golden yellow limestone

Vicenza limestone gray

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