Stone sculptures, art and technique for outdoor furnishing

Human beings have always tried to shape the elements that surround it. There is something instinctive in the need to communicate through objects. Stone sculptures represent one of the highest expression methods of artistic culture and, in a more modern way, they have become ideal objects for decorating outdoor environments. First of all we must […]

Vicenza stone, for classic and contemporary design

The features of Vicenza stone make it suitable for any indoor and outdoor space, classic and contemporary. Photo gallery of one of our most recent work in a private home.Can a room be classic and contemporary at the same time?The beauty of a natural material holds the answer: Vicenza stone is perfect to shape complex […]

Artisans of the future

“Be creative! Be craftsmen every day, artisans of the future!” The greeting that Pope Francis gave to Italian workers, on the 22th of June 2015 in Turin, is full of hope. In our workshop these words sound like an encouragement and accompany one of our recent work: a fine terracotta bust, depicting the Holy Father. For this tribute, technique […]

Garden statues: from Venetian villas to contemporary landscapes

Mythological and allegorical figures, musicians and animals, masks and Olympian gods are still living in the gardens of Venetian villas, as guardians of a civilization that does not remain within the four walls but is entrusted to a vast repertoire of sculptures. In fact, sculpture garden is an extraordinary legacy of past centuries; it has grown thanks to the […]

Vicenza stone in Architecture

As old as Architecture, stone make dwelling places precious For thousands of years the wealth of subsoil has made Colli Berici an important center for the Vicenza stone processing. Used since the time of the Romans and magnified by Andrea Palladio in his timeless works, the stone of Vicenza combines strength and beauty, history and […]

Artisan Value

  It happens that, after the first moments of surprise to this creative “invasion” , the professionals begin to deal with the artisans on projects, experiences and techniques.This is exactly what has happened in Monteviale (VI), where Celsan Renato S.r.l. hosted in December a group of designers led by Martino Gamper. Here, after touring the craft areas of Vicenza, they found […]

When stone becomes light

Lamps made with the Vicenza stone to illuminate and decorate interiors and exteriors Once there was a block of stone, now it is a true design object. A lamp can be born in that way, by the skilled craftsmen who work the Vicenza stone for more than 50 years. In our company new ideas of designers and architects take shapes that […]

Creativity and tradition

Hand-carved statues and sculptures have a true Italian artisan value  A craftsman’s intuition or a project ordered by architects:  whatever the origin of a sculpture is, the idea must be fixed on a sheet of paper to which a sketch in clay provides three-dimensionality   Then, the roughing of a block of stone, which has been cut to […]