Stone fireplace Veneto style

  Vicenza stone fireplace Veneto style with lions paws, antique finish Code: CAM-12 DIMENSIONS Lenght 160 cm Height 136 cm Depth 32 cm Hearthstone 160x40x5 cm Piano fuoco 160x40x5 cm

Stone fireplace

  Vicenza stone fireplace, Louis XVI style Light patina Code: CAM-26 DIMENSIONS Lenght 160 cm Height 113 cm Depth 35 cm Hearthstone 65x40x5 cm

Stone throne chair

Throne chair in Vicenza stone with two hand carved winged sphinxs Natural antique patina Code: CLS-52 DIMENSIONS Height 168 cm Width 116 cm Depth 67 cm

Three tiers fountain

  Classical Italian fountain composed of a central element with 4 dolphin at base which spout water and three bowls with ornate rims and putto finial with fish. Very nice patina. Code: 291 DIMENSIONS Height 330 cm Diameter big bowl 140 cm Four-leaf clover basin 400×400 cm height 30 cm

Stone seats with balls

Particular Vicenza stone benches with balls at the base, shaped arms and backrest. Code: PA-15SC DIMENSIONS Length 170 cm Width 50 cm Height 104 cm

Pope Francesco

Bust depicting Pope Francesco Bergoglio in terracotta, also available in bronze. DIMENSIONS Height 55 cm Pedestal in white stone 100 cm Pedestal in golden stone 115 cm

Columns and gate piers

Realization of stone columns and gate piers Large and small turned columns, sculpted capitals, pillars for gates, pilasters and wall caps.  We develop these elements for both residential and commercial projects. We can create any type of column or pillar according to your specific requests: solid, empty, tapered, grooved, twisted, and in any style: Tuscan, […]