Couple of greyhound dogs

Product code: 762B

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Couple of greyhound dogs

The Pair of Greyhounds is a work of art that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any garden or outdoor space. Made of Vicenza Stone, these statues feature an antiqued finish that gives them a timeless look similar to classical sculptures. Each statue measures 95 cm in length and rests on a solid 75 cm high base, providing stability and stage presence. The sculpted details, from the thin, agile musculature to the attentive expressions of the greyhounds, show the craftsmanship and dedication to perfection that characterize these works. Vicenza Stone is a material known for its durability and natural beauty. Its resistance to weathering makes it ideal for outdoor sculptures, ensuring that these statues remain intact and fascinating over time. The antiqued finish also adds an extra layer of depth and character, making these statues look ancient and historically relevant. These greyhounds are perfect for placement at the entrance to a residence, along a driveway or in a garden, where they can serve as symbolic guardians. Their relaxed but alert posture represents loyalty and protection, qualities traditionally attributed to this breed. The greyhound dog statues not only enrich the environment with their aesthetic presence, but also evoke a feeling of nobility and style. Whether decorating a historic property, a modern outdoor space or an elegant courtyard, these sculptures add a touch of class and sophistication. Investing in this Pair of Greyhounds means taking home not only a high-quality decorative piece, but also a part of traditional Italian craftsmanship. With their grandeur and beauty, these statues are sure to become a focal point and topic of conversation for guests and visitors.

Finitura: Antiqued

Materiale: Vicenza Stone

The published images are the exclusive property of Celsan Renato Srl.


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