Lying down lions

Product code: 12-8

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Lying down lions

Lying Lions in Vicenza Stone are a majestic and striking addition to any setting. With an antiqued finish, these sculptures evoke a sense of royalty and strength, perfect for enhancing gardens, entrances or reception areas. Each lion is meticulously sculpted to highlight the animal’s power and grace, with fine details capturing the essence of the king of the forest. The large size, with a length of 140 cm and a base height of 60 cm, makes these sculptures a focal point, attracting attention and giving a sense of authority and respect. Vicenza Stone, known for its durability and natural beauty, ensures that these lions remain splendid over time, resisting weathering and keeping their magnificence intact. Ideal for those seeking to combine art, history and prestige, the Vicenza Stone Lying Lions are a timeless piece of work, capable of transforming any space into a refined and evocative setting.

Finitura: Antiqued

Materiale: Vicenza Stone

The published images are the exclusive property of Celsan Renato Srl.


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