Sphinx with putto sitting on it

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Sphinx with putto sitting on it

Seated cherub Sphinxes are unique works of art made of Vicenza Stone, a stone renowned for its strength and beauty. These sculptures, with a length of 140 cm and a base of 50 cm, depict two majestic sphinxes adorned with a seated cherub, combining classical elegance with a touch of sweetness. With an antiqued finish, these sphinxes exude a timeless charm, ideal for those who wish to add a touch of classicism and majesty to their spaces. Vicenza Stone, used for fabrication, is known for its durability and ability to resist weathering, making these sculptures perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments. The antique patina not only adds depth and character to the sphinxes, but also enhances the carved details, giving them a lived-in and historic look. The depiction of sphinxes, mythological figures symbolizing strength and wisdom, is enhanced by the presence of a cherub, which adds an element of tenderness and innocence. This contrast between the mighty sphinx and the delicate cherub creates a harmonious and eye-catching visual effect, ideal for becoming the focal point of gardens, courtyards, or entrances. The attention to detail in the sculpture of the sphinxes and cherub demonstrates the craftsmanship and care in the making of each piece. Realistic poses and detailed expressions add a sense of life and movement, making these artworks a valuable and distinctive addition to any collection. To incorporate these sphinxes with seated cherubim into your space is to celebrate the beauty of classical art and refined craftsmanship, transforming any room into a place of timeless prestige and beauty.

Finitura: Antiqued

Materiale: Vicenza Stone

The published images are the exclusive property of Celsan Renato Srl.


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