Statue depicting Efebo

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Statue depicting Efebo

The Ephebus sculpture represents an iconic figure from classical antiquity, masterfully crafted from Vicenza Stone. With a height of 150 cm, this sculpture is a tribute to classical art and its timeless appeal. Finely crafted with an antiqued finish, this sculpture evokes a feeling of antiquity and authenticity, making it ideal for enriching both indoor and outdoor spaces. The figure of Ephebus, sculpted with great attention to detail, presents an athletic and well-proportioned body typical of Greek and Roman aesthetics, with a natural pose that conveys grace and strength. Vicenza Stone, known for its durability and beauty, ensures that this sculpture will maintain its luster for many years, resisting weathering when placed outdoors. The antique patina adds depth and character, enhancing the carved details and giving the sculpture a lived-in, historic look. This Ephebe statue is perfect for decorating gardens, courtyards, villa entrances or even for elegant interiors. Its majestic presence and reference to classical antiquity make it a centerpiece that can transform any space into a refined and cultured setting. To incorporate this sculpture into your environment is to celebrate the beauty of classical art and the value of craftsmanship. With its harmonious proportions and antiqued finish, the Efebo sculpture is destined to become a prominent feature in any art and design collection, inviting contemplation and admiration.

Finitura: Antiqued

Materiale: Vicenza Stone

The published images are the exclusive property of Celsan Renato Srl.


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